Before Restoration


Before Restoration
Post Restoration


 Before Restoration Photographs of the 1953
Chevrolet 2-Door Sport Coupe

This page shows the first stages of the restoration before the new paint job and engine rebuilding.  The original color of this car was "Woodland Green" lower and "Campus Cream" lower.  Sometime in the past, my Grandfather painted the upper black (as noted in the pictures).  I have no idea why.  But, my intent was to restore the car to the original colors.

First Prep Work

Some trim has been removed as the car awaits painting. Engine and windows have been removed.

Rear End

Tail lights and rear trim removed.

Inside Front

Engine removed from comparment.

Close up Engine Area

Notice rust and corrosion. Original paint color on firewall.

Engine Right

Close up of air vent in engine area.

Engine Left

Close up of battery tray and vent.

Rear End

The old rear end was in pretty good shape.

Close up of Deck

Top meets body. This was the worst rust on the car.

Winshield Area

Close up of the windhield area.

Original Dash

Inside view of car and dash area.

Old Inside

Door pannels and back seat arm rests.


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