My Restoration


Before Restoration
Post Restoration


 Restoration of my 1953 Chevrolet Belair 2-Door Sport Coupe

This is the first of many pages showing the restoration of my 1953 Chevrolet Sports Coupe.  The pages are broken down into different phases and portions of the restoration.  The specific tabs are located on the left to access the pages and photos.  

This car has been in my family since it was new in 1953.  My Grandfather obtained the car while he lived in Spokane Washington.  He had the car until around 1967 when he gave it to my Dad.  My father drove it religiously to work every day from home to Grant High School in Portland Oregon where he was a school teacher.  My father retired in 1983 and then he drove it a bit less. Finally, a few years ago, my mother and father gave it to me. They knew that I really liked the car as I would also drive it around a bit and did take an interested in keeping it.

So, now I am stuck with all the bills.  I did want to restore the car as it did need the restoration. l hope you enjoy my pictures. 


Click on the tabs to access the restoration sub-sheets.






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